Safe Children Bright Futures


About CAS

CAS provides services to vulnerable children and families in the London and Middlesex community. Accountable to the community as a whole, our mission is to ensure that all children thrive in a safe, stable and loving family.

We Are:
We Provide:
  • Protection, counselling and support services to children, youth and their families throughout the year.
  • Substitute care to children throughout the year in foster, group and independence homes.
  • Service in English and French. Cultural sensitivity is key to the success of our intervention and services because of the diversity of the families with whom we work with.
  • Translators and interpreters to assist with communication for children and families.

The identity of families and children we serve is kept in the strictest confidence.

Our hope is that our assistance will contribute to increased well-being for children through an effective, dynamic and child-centred organization.