Do We Share Your Information with Anyone?

Sharing your personal child welfare information with another individual or organization is referred to as disclosure. The CYFSA, and related regulations define when and to whom your information may be shared both with and without your consent. We do not rent, sell or trade personal information.

Within Ontario, beginning in June of 2014, the Ministry of Children, Community and Social Services launched a five-year project for a provincially phased deployment of a shared child welfare data management system known as the Child Protection Information Network (CPIN). This system was designed to promote the protection of children and youth as it facilitates seamless access by child welfare agencies to an individual’s child welfare history across the province when agencies are responding to current reports of maltreatment, neglect or abuse. 

We will search CPIN  when communication of personal information is permitted between child welfare agencies if the information is reasonably necessary to assess, reduce, or eliminate the risk of harm to a child or youth.

All child welfare agencies across Ontario are governed by the same privacy laws.  Other permitted disclosures without consent include:

  • to a law enforcement agency in Canada to aid an investigation undertaken with a view to a law enforcement proceeding or to allow the agency to determine whether to undertake such an investigation;
  • to a proposed litigation guardian or legal representative of the individual for the purpose of having the person appointed as such;
  • to a litigation guardian or legal representative who is authorized under the Rules of Civil Procedure, or by a court order, to commence, defend, or continue a proceeding on behalf of the individual or to represent the individual in a proceeding;
  • for the purpose of contacting a relative, member of the extended family, friend, or potential substitute decisionmaker of the individual if the individual is injured, incapacitated, or otherwise not capable;
  • for the purpose of contacting a relative, member of the extended family, or friend of the individual if the individual is deceased;
  • for the purpose of complying with a summons, order, or similar requirement issued in a proceeding or a procedural rule related to the production of information in a proceeding;
  • if the service provider believes on reasonable grounds that the disclosure is necessary to assess, reduce, or eliminate a risk of serious harm to a person or group of persons; or,
  • if permitted or required by law or by a treaty, agreement, or arrangement made under an Act or an Act of Canada, subject to the requirements and restrictions, if any, in the Regulations.

Outside of the above circumstances, personal information collected by the CASLM for the purpose of providing a service may be disclosed only with your consent. 

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