CASLM volunteers are special people who offer their time, energy, and skills in many different ways to enrich the lives of youth and families we serve. They include students, working people and retirees. 
They come from diverse cultural, racial, ethnic, and religious groups. We strive to match volunteer assignments to the skills, interests and available time of each volunteer. 


- One year volunteer commitment minimally.
- A Vulnerable Sector Screening Police Check is required. Approved volunteers are reimbursed the fee.
- For those who speak English as a second language, they must have achieved a Benchmark Level 6 in speaking, reading and listening as determined by the Canadian Department of Immigration and Citizenship.

Please read role descriptions below. If you would like to proceed, please complete all sections of the volunteer application through this link and send to: [email protected]


-Events: Assisting with set-up, welcoming, information distribution and donation sorting. Examples include Holiday Campaign, Agency and Community Events.

-Special Requests: Specialized services or support to children, youth, families or staff. Examples include accountants, assisting with hair care, moving furniture requests, certified lifeguard, etc. 

-Friendly Visitor: Spend individual time with a child or youth in a one-to-one setting in the community and act as a positive role model who provides friendship and socialization. The expectation of this role is to meet with a child/youth twice a month for a minimum of 2 hours per visit.

-Homework Helper: Help children with difficulties in various school subject areas in a one-to-one setting where extra attention may be required.  The expectation of this role is to meet once a week for one hour at a child/youth’s home, school or nearby library. 

-Child MinderCare for children of all ages while their parents or care providers are attending an Agency program or group. The expectation of this role is approximately 2 – 3 hours per childminding assignment. 

-Volunteer Drivers: The Volunteer Driver Program is one of the longest established volunteer services at our agency. It aims at providing consistent volunteer transportation for children, youth and from time to time, their families both within and outside of the London & Middlesex area.

We work cooperatively to match volunteer needs and interests with the needs of our children, youth and families.

CASLM volunteers:

  • are considered valuable members of CASLM and experience volunteering as members of a diverse team.
  • have opportunities which promote satisfaction from helping children in need and giving something back to the community.
  • have their skills matched with available volunteer opportunities.
  • increase skills and experience through a variety of volunteer placements.
  • receive a clear description of the expectations and the needs of CASLM, particularly in relation to assignments.
  • are connected with Supervisors and workers for the necessary contact, support and supervision to enable them to work effectively as part of the team.
  • attend training in order to improve your knowledge and skills. Volunteers will be provided with an orientation package. 
  • can be provided with a letter of reference from CASLM on request after at least one year of volunteering.

“I really liked feeling I could make a small difference in the lives of children” - CASLM Volunteer

Read more testimonials here. 


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