Things You Can Know About Me

Things You Can Know About Me
Posted on 12/04/2018
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I (Natalie) had never heard the term FASD. That changed when I had a child come into my care who had this diagnosis. I thought it best to let her describe what FASD means to her. Below is her account of FASD. 


FASD stands for Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder. You can only get this if when you are in your mommy’s tummy she drinks. She did not know she was pregnant with me. I know too that if you do not drink when you are pregnant there would be no FASD. 

Kids like me, because of the alcohol, have brain damage that won’t go away ever. Kids like me struggle with lots of things. Each one of us is different. For me, I have a hard time with money, my anger, understanding what adults and my friends are talking about, and not always making good choices. I try my best every day. If everyone around me would learn what FASD is I would not have to try so hard. 
Here are some other things you can know about me. 

I love school, BUT it is hard for me to learn. 
I am a good reader, BUT I don’t understand what I read sometimes. 
I am good at math, BUT word problems are too hard for me. 
I get tired, BUT I might just need a break. 
I am good at sports, BUT the rules are hard for me. 
I am a good friend, BUT following a conversation is hard for me. 
I am very fast, BUT slow at the same time. 
I am very smart, BUT I get confused a lot. 
I try my best, BUT still get it wrong. 
I have lots of emotions, BUT it is hard for me to say what they are. 
I have a lot of thoughts, BUT some get stuck in my brain. 
I can do anything, BUT I may need some help. 
I love very loud music, BUT I hate noise in the classroom. 
I like trying new things, BUT I need to watch someone else do it first. 
I am funny, kind, and confident, BUT my feelings get hurt a lot. 

Most people have never heard of FASD. That means most people do not understand me. Please go and learn about FASD. 


Natalie has has worked extensively with medically fragile babies. She is also a community advocate for FASD. 

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