Who We Help

CAS protects children and strengthens families. We are legally mandated by the Child and Family Services Act to:

  • Investigate allegations or evidence that children under the age of 18 might be in need of protection; see also "Increased Age of Protection"
  • Protect children where necessary
  • Provide guidance, counselling and other services to families for protecting children/youth or preventing circumstances requiring the protection of children/youth
  • Provide care for children and youth assigned or committed to our care
  • Place children for adoption

Protecting Children and Strengthening Families

CAS is required by law to intervene when a child under 18 has been threatened, harmed or neglected physically, emotionally or sexually. We know that children are better off growing up in their family home and we try to keep families together wherever possible. We work with families and provide counselling and support services to create safer homes.  


Our Youth Response Unit helps strengthen protective services to youth, preserve their family systems and provides family-based supports. We have an ongoing commitment to preparing youth for life, helping to build permanent relationships and being engagement with them through the steps using a culturally inclusive and anti-oppressive framework. See Support for youth in the child welfare system | See Youth Response Unit Strategic Map

Foster Care

When parents cannot safely care for their child, CAS may seek a court order to place the child in the care of other relatives, friends, a foster home, or in a residence managed by another community agency. Placements are usually short-term and most children return home when their family situation gets improves.


Some children are unable to return home and need a permanent placement.  Adoption is a legal process through which a child becomes part of a new family.  It is intended to provide the child with permanence and security. 

Resolving Service Complaints

The CASLM is committed to the best possible service for children, youth and families. If you have a service concern or complaint, we want to work with you to resolve the issue. Click here for the page under Accountability with more information. 

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