Performances Indicators

London and Middlesex Performance Indicator Summary as at March 2019

The Children's Aid Society of London and Middlesex has a strong commitment to accountability and to continual improvement of our services through the use of data and analysis.  

The three core areas of child welfare work are safety, permanency and well-being and these are reflected in the five publicaly reported service performance indicators.  We strive for transparency in our ongoing work to achieve better outcomes and want to raise public awareness on the performance of our agency related to the safety, permanency and well-being of children and youth.  The performance indicators (PIs) project is a province-wide initiative designed to help Children's Aid Societies measure and monitor the quality of their services.  Performance Indicators will influence our strategic direction, budgeting and planning decisions.  It will allow us to celebrate our successes, but more importantly, focus our attention on areas of improvement.  To this end, we invite you to view our results on the five publicly reported Performance Indicators. 

The focus of our work with the Performance Indicator Project is to further understand our data results and to;

  • provide thoughtful insight into what the data tells us,
  • recognize areas of service and practice that are working well and,
  • identify areas that require a deeper analysis to improve outcomes.

We have specifically identified opportunities for improvement in the two indicators measuring Permanency - days of care by placement type and time to permanency.  Our goal is for all children and youth in care to live with families, where appropriate, as we believe children and youth thrive when they live in strong, supportive families.  Our aim is to also ensure a child's time in care is short term as our work diligently focuses on returning to family, at the earliest possible opportunity, as it is safe to do so. 

Alternatively, we endeavor to place children and youth with kin or pursue other permanency options, such as adoption and customary care.  Ultimately, we want all youth to leave care with lifelong connections.

To provide your feedback or ask questions about our Performance Indicators, please email us at [email protected]

For additional information on the Performance Indicator Project, please visit, Ontario Association of Children's Aid Societies

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