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Steps to becoming a dually approved Foster Adopt Care Provider through our agency

CONTACT US & APPLICATION: Read our Foster Adopt overview. Read real stories. Contact us with your questions. Call 519-455-9000, ask for Foster Adopt information. Email [email protected] subject line Foster Adopt.

Once you have contacted us, we schedule an in-home (or virtual) appointment to discuss the process, review the application package, and answer all of your questions. There is no pressure to proceed. It is simply an information sharing meeting to help you decide if fostering/adoption is a good fit for you and your family.

If you decide to proceed, you will submit your application package, and then you will be invited to participate in PRIDE training. After each applicant has completed PRIDE training, a home study worker will be assigned to complete your home study assessment. This entire process usually takes about 6 months.

PRIDE TRAINING: Once we receive your application, you will be registered for the mandatory PRIDE training - Parent, Resource, Information, Development and Education. It is the provincial 9 week (27hours) training for all foster, adopt and kinship applicants. It is an interactive program offered at various times throughout the year. Training is virtual and free of charge. Our agency has added an additional 10th session focusing specifically on adoption issues.

HOME STUDY: We will complete as SAFE home assessment with you - Structured Analysis Family Evaluation. It is a tool for helping us (and you) understand your suitability and readiness to become a foster/adoptive parent. Typically, our home study worker will meet with you for interviews 4-6 times.


  • Police Check: Every person age 18 and over who is living in the home must complete a criminal record check. Historical criminal records will not necessarily preclude you from being approved, but more information will be needed.
  • Home Safety Check: Your home must meet certain health and safety standards. A worker will visit you and together we will tour your home to make sure it meets the requirements.

  • Financial Disclosure: Applicants must demonstrate financial stability by filling out a financial form and discussing this with the home study worker. Applicants are expected to have income that is reliable and sufficient to meet the family’s needs. How much you make is not as important as your income stability. 
  • Child Welfare Record Check: We will run a check on all adults over the age of 18 in your home to see if anyone has been involved in past cases of child abuse or neglect.
  • Personal References: We will ask those who know you best about your ability to be a foster/adoptive parent.
  • Medical Exam: You will need to have your doctor/nurse practitioner complete a medical reference form. Existing medical conditions will not necessarily prevent you from being a Foster/Adopt Care Provider if they do not interfere with your ability to parent and provide stability. If you have your own children, a medical form is also required for them as we must see that they are up to date with their immunizations.

SUPPORT & ONGOING TRAINING: Once you become an approved foster/adoptive care provider, you will work as a part of a large team. We are here to assist you every step of the way! You will be assigned a Resource worker and a mentor who will both be available to guide and support you. In addition, there are ongoing workshops for you to take advantage of. Lastly, you will receive a per diem rate (tax free) based on structured rates that are intended to cover the cost of a child’s care and sustenance.

Contact us. Call 519-455-9000 ext. 2777 or email [email protected].

Read our 
Foster Adopt overview. Read Real Stories.

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