Fostering A Baby as a Single Parent

Fostering A Baby as a Single Parent
Posted on 11/04/2022

My name is Susan, and I have been a foster parent with Middlesex London Children’s Aid Society for 5 years. Over this time, I have fostered 6 children ranging from ages 0 to 2 years as a single parent.

Through no fault of their own, children’s lives can be one of chaos, fear and uncertainty. The home they came to know is not a safe place for them to be. Whether they are babies or older children, their need for safety, nurturing and love is often urgent. Foster homes offer a place to land amongst the confusion and anxiety. The foster home placement may be for only weeks, or for months or even years, but being in a safe and caring place can be the difference that matters. Some children who came into my care were successfully reunited with their birth families, and for others, a return was not possible. During this time, I have been able to make positive connections with birth families that allowed the children to see all of their important caregivers working together cooperatively. Most importantly to me, is the knowledge that I have given the children in my care a good start. This is the shared goal for the birth parents, foster parents and the agency, and I am grateful for the opportunity to help.  

I have loved the children who came into my care ,and while it is always a bit sad to have them move on, I am left with a warm feeling, knowing that I have made the world seem a little less scary. The reward for me is knowing I have offered children predictability during an uncertain period in the lives.

-Foster parent Susan

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