My Success Story

My Success Story: From a Former Crown Ward
Posted on 05/21/2021

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My journey in the foster care system began when I was three months old. My biological parents struggled with addiction and consequently my siblings and I were placed in the care of the CASLM on two separate occasions. The second time I was removed, I was placed in the home of foster parents B and F – a middle-aged couple who thoroughly enjoyed caring for infants. Although the original intention was for me to be reunited with my biological family, God had different plans and had chosen B and F to become my lifelong parents through fostering – a decision that would positively change the course of my life forever.

Throughout my childhood, B and F treated me as though I was their biological daughter, and I began to call them mom and dad. Although their sole responsibility was to care for my basic needs, they went above and beyond these expectations in a number of different ways. They enrolled me in the same private Christian school that their biological children had attended – a feat that was not cheap yet provided me with an excellent education and signified how important I was to them. My birthdays were always carefully organized and some of my fondest memories are of the extravagant parties I had with my friends. In addition to spending our summers at a trailer park, I was also included in two family vacations – one to the east coast of Canada and another to Disney World. Though these experiences were wonderful, I believe the most admirable acts of love they demonstrated involved creating several life books for me and celebrating the day I came into their care each year with a mini party.

Admittedly, times were not always easy and when I was a teenager, I began to struggle with mental health challenges which resulted in me moving into the group home system. Despite being out of their care, B and F continued to be involved in my life and supported me and my two children in any way they could. Although my behaviors caused them a great deal of heartache, their prevailing love and consistency in my life proved to me that I was indeed worthwhile and eventually their prayers and efforts paid off.

After many hardships, I finally hit rock bottom in my early twenties and decided it was time to put the pieces of my life back together. I sought professional help for the issues that controlled my life and decided I needed to return to school. I graduated high school with a high average and applied to Western University for the social work program as I knew my life calling was to become a child protection worker. While I was completing my degree, my foster parents B and F continued to help me and my children by caring for them when I was overloaded with schoolwork and offering advice when I felt overwhelmed. With their ongoing love and support, I was able to graduate in 2021 with a honors bachelor degree in social work and am now in a position to help other families involved in the foster care system.

I consider myself extremely blessed to have had the foster parents I did.

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